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101 Track Plans for Model RailroadersTrainPlayer is proud to offer operating versions of every one of the layouts from the most popular track-plan book of all time, Linn Westcott's 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders (copyright Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1956).  This book has been in print continuously for over fifty years, sold over a half million copies, and continues to inspire model railroaders everywhere with its interesting plans, charming artwork, and technical utility.

Most of our users have dog-eared copies of this book, which contains not only track plans but also detailed comments on layout design and construction from one of the great granddads of model railroading.  To obtain your own copy, visit your hobby shop or click the book cover to order online.

A desire to operate the 101 Track Plans is the main reason TrainPlayer came into existence.  We love this book.

The track plans in 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders are owned and copyrighted by Kalmbach Publishing Co.  Used with permission. 

For a complete gallery of the 101 as thumbnail images, see the 101 Track Plans Thumbnail Gallery.

Layouts of all shapes and sizes. The 101 plans demonstrate all track configurations, from figure eight to switchback to point-to-point, and are suitable for all modeling scales. Some are designed for 4x8 plywood sheets, some for wall-mounted shelves, some for garages, and some in the "If I Had a Million" section could keep an active club busy for years.

Classic artwork. Most layouts are given a full scenic treatment, with mountains, rivers, yards, and wonderful old-fashioned cityscapes all drawn by hand. Some even feature bird's-eye 3D views (you can run on these too). It is a delight to run trains past the ever-changing Westcott landscapes.

All 101 ready to run. Starting with a high-resolution scan of each plan, we built track, switches, turntables, and stations, then added a few random trains so you can start running as soon as you open a layout.

Original commentaries included. Linn wrote interesting comments about each layout, so we included them in the layout notes you can call up on screen.

How to Buy

The 101 Track Plans are included with both TrainPlayer and TrackLayer.  No additional purchase is necessary.

The installer you download comes with a small set of layouts only.  To access the full 101 set, look in your layout chooser on the Web tab under "Layouts101."  Download the ones you like, one or a few at a time.

Or, place an order to be delivered on DVD.  All 101 are included on the disk, with a choice of whether you want to install the full set to your hard drive or run them directly from the CD.  There is a shipping charge for DVD orders.

101 Track Plans


How to Buy

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