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TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 6.6 Contents

Welcome to Version 6.6!

Version 6.6 improves performance, adds capability, and fixes bugs, especially for AnyRail users and YardMaster fans!  It comes with the latest generation of YardMaster -- the automated freight handling system, now including "sequenced trains" -- along with a generous new batch of original layouts, fully scenicked, scripted, supplied with cars and industries, ready to operate.

Lockport: a busy New England fishing town

If you already upgraded to Version 6.x, then 6.6 is a free upgrade -- get yours by clicking the button below.  If you are a user of an older version, the upgrade price is $19.  Details below. 

New Features in 6.6

  • YardMaster y2 -- the scripted freight forwarding system, with new improvements in waybill generation and performance
  • YardMaster y3 -- an enhanced y2 which allows you to run your trains in a predefined sequence to simulate a day’s work on your railroad

For more information, see the YardMaster page on web and particularly the revised Designer's Guide to YardMaster pdf.

Our library of YardMaster layouts now offers over 160 great plans, with scenery, scripts, industries, and built-in ops challenges.  The YM layouts are now available in four categories, as shown in this excerpt from the Web Layout Chooser:

  • Background Tiling -- smoother graphics as the trains move!  Portions of the layout surrounding the screen are now being drawn in the background, so that when the train reaches the edge, the layout scrolls smoothly.
  • More AnyRail import fixes -- handling curved switches from Fast Tracks, Atlas, and others.  Thanks to you AnyRail users who reported problems, the 6.6 AR importer is better than ever.
  • New Car Data Props -- new tab in Properties dialog gives access to all car data fields in one place -- specifically designed to make it easy for a layout or YM author to provide ops data over a set of cars.
Revamped Car Properties New Car Data Properties 
  • UI improvements -- choosing a load from the drop-down now gives you a way to distinguish graphical loads from text; text input dialogs now use an adjustable Courier font, for ease in reading and entering
  • New script functions -- $layout and $car functions add new capabilities, providing fast access to particular sets of cars.  Scripters can find the new functions listed in the Reference tab of Script Central.
Connaught: industrial operation in a midwestern city

For a complete list of fixes and enhancements, see the TrainPlayer Version History.

How To Obtain 6.6

If you are new:  Welcome!  Your best bet is to look in the latest newsletter for a special offer. Or read on.

If you already upgraded to 6.0 - 6.5:  Thank you!  6.6 is a free upgrade.  Just click the button below and follow instructions.

If you have a pre-6 version:  there is a charge for the upgrade -- only $19 to upgrade from any previous version all the way up to the top of the line package, TrackLayer 6.6, with track and scenery tools, ops, advanced scripting, the whole works.

Whether upgrading from a previous version or buying for the first time:

1. Click here to download and install the new version ==>
If you do not yet have a 6.x license, this gets you our unlimited Demo trial.
6.6 Download

2. To buy, choose Help > Purchase Upgrade from the main menu.  This brings up a dialog showing prices and options, and a one-click route to the checkout page.

If you do not already have them, you can add the Chris Pedersen Car Collections for a special bundle price.  See details in the dialog.

6.6 Features

How To Obtain 6.6

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