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pgm iconTrainPlayer was designed for operating trains on model railroad track plans.  We have over a thousand great track plans from many sources.  All are available on our website, downloadable from the Layout Chooser within the program.

101 Track Plans

101 Thumbnails Gallery

All 101 great track plans from Linn Westcott's classic book, 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders.  Included in all products.

The track plans in 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders are owned by and copyright of Kalmbach Publishing Co.  Used with permission

Track Plans from Users

User Layouts Gallery

Many plans of all sizes from users all over the world, most representing actual working models (built or under construction).    Included in all products.

The gallery is a comprehensive display of what was available through 2008.  There is more now, not shown on the gallery page but found in the web chooser.

George Baustert Gallery

Over 100 hand-drawn plans from the prolific George Baustert, layout designer, builder of many railroads, verbose guy.    Included in all products.

George is gone now, but he is remembered through an amazing set of track plans, car floats, and ideas.
Premium Layouts & Cars

Train Mountain
Hundreds of fascinating, original plans of all shapes and sizes, plus a vast cabinet of cars and locomotives to run on them.  A vast world of railroading.

The Premium collection is Included only in TrackLayer / BUILDER.
Featured Layouts An interesting new layout every quarter.
Jul, 2013:
   July Newsletter
Jun, 2013: release of 5.3
   5.3 Features Page 
Oct, 2012: release of 5.2
  Version 5.2 - Chris Pedersen Cars 
  Fall Newsletter
Oct 2012:
  Review in Model Rail Forum 
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"This is probably the best model railroad program out for computers. I can think of nothing that surpasses it for simplicity and elegance."  Doug Parrish, May 2011

"TrainPlayer has put an incredible amount of time and effort into Ops and it's paying off ... I'm having a ball working through the switchlists."   Mark Johnson, Mar 2011

"Not only is the TP program pure genius, but the group enjoying it is beyond great -helpful, humorous, and always hungry for more. You can't beat it anywhere!"  Hans Olson, Mar 2011

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