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Mar 2018: upgrade to ShopSite 12.3.

Feb 2018: release of 6.6.1.  Details are in the 6.6.1 Readme.

Oct 2017: fall newsletter

Oct 2017: release of 6.6; see 6.6 Features Page.

May 2017: release of 6.5; see 6.5 Features Page.

Oct, 2016: latest newsletter announcing 6.4

Oct, 2016: grid of the new YardMaster Layouts

Oct, 2016: release of 6.4.  See 6.4 Features Page.

May 11, 2016: release of 6.3.1.  List of features: see readme or version history

Mar 1, 2016: release of 6.3

Feb 28, 2016: docs for imminent 6.3 release: 6.3 Features Page, TP Guide To Games, revised Scripting Page

Nov 30, 2015: posting of Dec Newsletter announcing 6.2

Nov 22, 2015: posting of new version 6.2; see 6.2 Features

Dec 10, 2014: posting of new version 6.1

Sep 16, 2014: Fall Newsletter

Sep 6, 2014: Version 6.0 goes on the air!

Aug 19, 2014: extracted from the readme: TrainPlayer Version History

Aug 19, 2014: the new readme: 6.0 Readme

Aug 14, 2014: now ready: 6.0 Features Page

Aug 10, 2014 (finally!): first appearance of the Scripting Page, for imminent 6.0 release

Jul 17, 2013:  summer newsletter announcing version 5.3

Jun 12, 2013:  completed move of website and store to Netfirms.  It was an ordeal.  We are glad to be rid of Fatcow.

May 20, 2013:  5.3 test installer

May 19, 2013:  Feature Documentation for Version 5.3

Mar 7, 2013:  Script Command Reference posted with 5.3 changes

Oct 25, 2012:  October Newsletter

Oct 18, 2012:  Release of 5.2 - Chris Pedersen Cars

Sep 30, 2012:  Another look at the old animation demo video

Sep 17, 2012:  New follow-up message to go to demo downloaders

Sep 15, 2012:  Doc page for scripting in subroutines

Sep 13, 2012:  Version 5.1 press release

Aug 7, 2012:  Ad Gallery -- assembled in preparation for creating some new ads

Aug 5, 2012:  release of -- new ability to drag trains by hand -- see readme

Jul 30, 2012:  July newsletter

Jul 26, 2012:  release of 5.1

Jul 24, 2012:  emerging 5.1 Feature Page

Jul 21, 2012:  final candidate of version 5.1 installer posted for testing; release imminent

Jun 12, 2012:  completed moving website from Verio to FatCow.  For reasons, see Angry Verio Review.

Apr 18, 2012:  press release

Apr 17, 2012:  new page of screen shots

Apr 15, 2012:  Spring 2012 Newsletter

Apr 11, 2012:  Version 5.0 Page.  New Download 5 Page.

Apr 5, 2012: First posting of Version 5.0 Installer.  Full publication to come soon.

Jan 5, 2012: Release of 4.2.2, third release since October

Dec 29, 2011: Promo materials being prepared for Great Train Expo (Sacramento, Jan 14-15)

Dec 13, 2011: Release of 4.2.1

Dec 13, 2011: December newsletter announcing 4.2

Dec 3, 2011: release of Version 4.2

Oct 28, 2011: upcoming Fall 11 Newsletter

Oct 24, 2011: 4.1 release

Oct 22, 2011: 4.1 Features Page

Sep 25, 2011: pre-release installer for ver 4.1

Jun 23, 2011: Ad to appear in Sept Model Railroader, Model Railroad News

Jun 4, 2011: June Newsletter.  Release is out the door at this point.

May 28, 2011: Feature page for 4.0 Ops release.  And the 4.0 Readme.  User Manual CHM  PDF

Feb 5, 2011: Ops pre-release version: documentation  exe  readme

Nov 20, 2010:  Holiday newsletter

Aug 5, 2010:  Readme for 3.4 pre-release version; link to download 3.4PR exe

Jul 30, 2010:  Test version of 3.4 featuring Industries

May 23, 2010:  Test version of 3.4 featuring Loads

Mar 8, 2010:  Spring newsletter

Feb 28, 2010:  New version 3.3.1 released.  See 3.3.1 Feature Page

Nov 28, 2009:  Video of scripted transfer table in action

Nov 27, 2009:  December newsletter

Nov 6, 2009:  Gave demo at San Leandro Historical Railway Society -- great layout, good bunch of guys

Nov 4, 2009:  Article in Castro Valley Forum

Oct 23, 2009:  Trimmed down the website.  Set up Custom 404 page.

Oct 23, 2009: Sent out press release about 3.3 release.

Oct 15, 2009: Visited San Diego Model Railroad Museum, donated a computer running TrainPlayer.

Oct 11, 2009:  Posted version -- the bug fixing continues

Oct 1, 2009:  The big 3.3 launch.  New website.  Fall 09 Newsletter.  Dropped Mac version.

Sep, 2009:  Adding finishing touches to new website and Version 3.3 release

Note: since we reorganized and trimmed down the website, many of the links below are now broken.

Apr 4, 2009:  Mac 3.2 release at last

Mar 6, 2009:  Mac 3.2 beta

Oct 18, 2008:  Release of 3.2.3, third in a series of attempts to fix install problems

Oct 10, 2008:  October newsletter

Oct 8, 2008:  Release of 3.2

May 31, 2008:  Final step in the 3.1 release: new CD installer

May 19, 2008:  May newsletter

May 17, 2008:  List of 3.1 install issues -- still fighting fires

May 16, 2008:  Release of 3.1 finally!  See 3.1 page and new Products page

May 11, 2008:  3.1 posted as demo version; new download page

Apr 14, 2008:  Double rail feature for 3.1.  Release still imminent.

Mar 15, 2008:  List of 3.1 Features, beta test release

Nov 15, 2007:  December newsletter all about 3.0

Nov 12, 2007:  Version 3.0 goes on the air!

Oct 18, 2007:  3.0 readme with documentation for new features

Oct 17, 2007:  3.0 feature list, in preparation for beta testing

Oct 15, 2007:  Revised page on Scripting 3.0.

Oct 10, 2007:  Screen shot of improved car numbering

Sep 30, 2007:  New layout artwork by Nicolas Villarreal

Aug 24, 2007:  Video demo of new bridge/overpass feature, designed to enhance the upcoming PLL collection. 

Aug 12, 2007:  Press release about Screen Saver

Aug 10, 2007:  Hollywood office opens!  Tommy Dill, proprietor

Aug 10, 2007:  Summer newsletter, all about Screen Saver

Aug 9, 2007:  Release of TrainPlayer Screen Saver at last

Jul 10, 2007:  Release of Mac upgrade version 2.0.8.  Critical fixes for 10.39 users.

Jun 10, 2007:  Overhaul of train jumping between linked layouts: 2.54

Jun 3, 2007:  New Win test version 2.52 with hybrid graphics scheme

May 27, 2007:  Completed overhaul of graphics for Win version; test exe posted (v 2.50); updated 2.51

May 20, 2007:  TrainPlayer Mac 2.0.5 released: runs under OS X 10.39.

Apr 27, 2007:  Spring newsletter: TrainPlayer News Spring 2007

Apr 22, 2007:  Mac release!  First version (2.0) posted for sale and demo download.

Apr 7, 2007:  Update to Mac Beta 1.908.  .

Mar 30, 2007:  Work stoppage: Jim takes a trip to India.

Mar 12, 2007:  Been working for months on the Mac version, now in beta testing. 

Jan 9, 2007:  Posted version 2.43 on the scripting page, and updated the documentation.  Finally have a reasonable snapshot - rewind scheme.

Jan 6, 2007:  Updated the main page for the first time in a while, offering a Winter Special on the site instead of sending out a newsletter.

Nov 27, 2006:  Up to version 2.39 now --- continuing with script fixes and enhancements

Nov 4, 2006:  Version 2.33 -- script fixes and enhancements

Oct 7, 2006:  Pre-alpha version 2.32 posted for testing -- scripting features under development!

Oct 7, 2006:  Pre-alpha version 2.31 posted for testing

Sep 23, 2006:  Fall Newsletter

Aug 13, 2006:  TrainPlayer 2.22 released -- a few new features, a handful of bug fixes.

Aug 12, 2006:  Mac OS X version now underway!  We are working with talented Mac engineer Glenn Howes of Nashua, NH.

May 7, 2006:  TrainPlayer 2.2 released.  Late Spring Newsletter.

May 5, 2006:  TrainPlayer 2.2 Beta Page or demo downloader or update installer

May 4, 2006:  Car Collections!  to appear in 2.2 shortly

Mar 18, 2006:  Posted great new layouts from Ed Avetta, Steve Schwartz, Steve Feek.

Mar 17, 2006:  Posted Robert Prondzinski's Wabeno Timberline, The Schematic.

Mar 12, 2006:  Prepared a white paper on Drawing a Curved Turnout in TrackLayer.

Feb 28, 2006:  Sent out the Spring Newsletter to the mailing list, over 6000 names.

Feb 25, 2006:  Launching the new Hobby Shop Campaign, looking for volunteers.

Feb 21, 2006:  New version 2.17 posted.  A few fixes and enhancements, including more layouts with TP and TL Standard.

Feb 11, 2006:  Updates for the 101 Track Plans, to fix many turntable problems.  See new Layout Upgrade page.

Feb 6, 2006:  Posted the final version of our new flyer.  Click here to view PDF.

Feb 5, 2006:  Posted version 2.16 and the test version of Train Mountain.

Jan 29, 2006:  New mailing list service from Microsoft.  Subscribe to the TrainPlayer newsletter

Jan 8, 2006:  Website revamp!  Design by Rick Fernandez and Hector Consuegra at creativeblox.com.  New site goes on the air after a month of development.

Jan 4, 2006:  Read about TrainPlayer in the January 2006 Model Railroad News.  Great review by Phil Scandura.

Dec 26, 2005: Release of 2.14, with layout-jump feature required for using Eric Lundberg's S&LS RR.  Development work begins on Mac version.

Nov 27, 2005: Release of TrackLayer!  With TrainPlayer 2.1.  A long-awaited milestone.

Oct 23, 2005: TrainPlayer 2.0 official release (actually 2.0.1).  CD burner fired up.  December Model Railroader sample issue arrived: our ad is on page 26.

Oct 18, 2005: TrainPlayer 2.0 posted!

Sep 29, 2005: Quote from Phil Scandura's upcoming article in Model Railroad News:

“Wow! This is really cool!” I must have used those exact words at least a dozen times while playing with TrainPlayer (ok, maybe two dozen). This is a really fun software package, well implemented, well documented and intuitive to use.

Sep 28, 2005: Version 2.0 posted for public beta.

Release is planned for mid-October.  We're really pleased with the improvements, many of them due to great artwork by Rick Fernandez, who is now designing us a snazzy new website to be unveiled when 2.0 is released.

Aug 10, 2005:  Feedback from new version:

I downloaded and upgraded my version of the software to version 1.3 with no problem whatsoever.  The new features are fantastic.  I can't say enough about your product and your customer service is remarkable.  Thank you for a job well done and a superb piece of software.  I truly congratulate you. -- Glenn Barton

The uncoupling tool is a neat feature and with  V-1.3 you have solved my problem. -- Ray Spitz

Aug 8, 2005:  Posted version 1.3, shipped first CD's.

Jul 7, 2005:  TrainPlayer announcement in Model Railroader Online

Jul 5, 2005:  Article about TrainPlayer in Napa Register [NOTE: removed as of Jan '06; see PDF version]

Jun 24, 2005:  Message from new user Brent Lambert.  A few quotes:

I really like the idea of being able to "run trains" on some of the old, traditional layouts (Westcott's book has been a basic resource for me for longer than I can remember; all of the plans are like old friends) and the idea of "bringing them to life" is unutterably captivating.  It adds an entire new dimension to the book...I could easily see it getting to the point that a layout design book would just not be marketable without including a basic version of your program.

Jun 5, 2005:  Posted TrainPlayer 1.2: new features, new layout protection scheme.  Plus the Baustert Collection: 22 hand-drawn layouts from our friend George Baustert.

May 27, 2005:  Visited the Napa Valley Model Railroad Club, demonstrated the program for a small but enthusiastic group of railroaders.  See the NVMRC site, and the Napa Club Layout now available in TrainPlayer form.

May 15, 2005:  Posted the Shady Grove & Sherill, from MRP 2005.

May 15, 2005:  Posted TrainPlayer: The Movie, made at Kalmbach request. [Later removed due to tackiness]

Apr 26, 2005:  Great quote from Richie Einhorn (host and founder of The Train Show):

As far as ease of use, I think anyone can learn to operate TRAINPLAYER in 3 minutes. It will take a little longer, maybe 30-60 minutes, to investigate / learn ALL the current features.

Out of ALL the programs I have used over the years, this IS the easiest!

Apr 24, 2005:  Open for business!

Apr 16, 2005:  Moved site to new web host (Verio).  Kalmbach deal is signed.  Final preparations are being made for release.

Mar 27, 2005:  Fixed a debilitating Win98/WinME resource leak which was causing some users a lot of grief.  Fixed version has not yet been posted.

Mar 26, 2005:  Enhanced record/playback features: we now have pause, fast-forward, and record-from-here.

Mar 23, 2005:  Posted a couple of layouts submitted by Robert Daniels.

Mar 22, 2005:  Posted version 1.0.53, along with Wolfgang Dudler's layout.  The latest version uses a better method of handling graphics when stretching bitmaps, making light-colored layouts like Wolfgang's look better on the screen.

Mar 21, 2005:  Enjoying working with Peter Prunka on optimizing the train-recording capabilities.  As he puts it:

You can use the recorder to test and demo all kinds of things - yard sorting, meets and passes, timetable ops, switching problems (think TimeSaver contests or Inglenook puzzles)...

Peter is developing some great sequences we will be posting, once we get the kinks worked out.

Mar 20, 2005:  Nice quote from Robert Daniels:

I downloaded the demo and am amazed at the quality and depth of programming exhibited in a newly introduced product.

We'll be posting a couple of Robert's track plans soon.

Mar 19, 2005:  Posted version 1.0.5.  Record/playback!

Mar 15, 2005:  Moved web site to new hosting service (fatcow.com).

Mar 06, 2005:  Posted version 1.0.4.  New scheduling features!

Feb 24, 2005:  Posted version 1.0.3.  See Readme for details.

Feb 21, 2005:  Posted the Santa Maria Valley RR, by Byron Henderson.

Feb 19, 2005:  Posted version 1.0.2.  Bugs fixed are listed in the Readme.

Feb 17, 2005:  Visited Kalmbach and obtained written permission to use the layouts as currently posted during the beta period.  Other arrangements will be made for release.  Had a great lunch with five legends of the MR industry: Dick Christiansen, Terry Thompson, Jim Slocum, Michael Stephens, and Erik Bergstrom.  Saw up close the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy and the Turtle Creek Central.  Absorbed the aura of Al Kalmbach.

Feb 16, 2005:  Thanks to all of you who are responding and enjoying the program!  More nice quotes:

This is the first program that just lets me run trains for no other reason than the love of trains running; I don't have to "develop" my entire layout in excruciating CAD detail first.  -- Robert Stanley

It captures the feel of the layouts of my youth. I loved the operational side of the hobby then and still enjoy the demands of switching and dispatching today.  Your Player is exactly what I have been yearning for since I first set up MSTS.  No more dull, hour-long hauls to the next siding, no more brain-teasing examinations of myopic yard scenes in order to find the correct turnout. And, it has the "top-down" view that I enjoyed with my first tabletop layout.  I can see it all, estimate times, plan moves, and enjoy the whole session in a compact package. -- Steve Daly

Your software seems to be geared JUST to the model railroader who wants to operate a model railroad! No grandiose scenery or “real time” 2 hours needed to get from point A to B. -- David Smith

Feb 14, 2005:  Posted the first user-submitted plan, from Chris Gilbert, who wrote the following, and then sent us his track plan:

Quote from Mike Tennent:

You've done a great job. The interface is intuitive and simple, (I jumped right in and ran a few trains before looking at the docs) and it's fun to play.


Feb 14, 2005:  Fixed several glitches: layout installer failed with dir names containing spaces; uninstaller not working.  Had some trouble with the registration screen, disabled it, got a fix from the server, re-enabled.

Feb 13, 2005:  Posted announcement to rec.models.railroad

Feb 13, 2005:  New demo version posted, with 14 layouts

Feb 7, 2005:  Site opened for selected demos and beta testing




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