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To download and install TrainPlayer / TrackLayer 5.3 on your computer, click here:


Version    27 Jun 2013    41.7 MB    setup53.exe

This installs the program and a small set of layouts and data files.  Others are available from within the program after you install.  A license key is required for full use of the program.  It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions before running the 5.3 install.


On older operating systems: click Run and wait for the download to complete. 



On newer systems: look for this panel at the bottom of your screen:

Click Run.  The download happens, with progress reported in the panel.

The next screen is the TrainPlayer Installer. Click on through.

After the install, you might see the Program Compatibility Assistant (at left).  Do not be alarmed.  Click Cancel.

When you run TrainPlayer for the first time, you are prompted for license code.  If you do not have one, click OK and the demo time period starts.

In 5.2, we have changed where TrainPlayer appears on the Start menu.  The version number is no longer part of the folder name.  Look under Start > All Programs > TrainPlayer.

If you run into any problems, consult the sources below.

More Information


Can I try the demo if I had a previous one which expired?

Yes.  The 30-day clock is reset for 5.3.  If you'd like an extension, send e-mail.

Will this overwrite my current version?

No.  Version 5.3 is installed as a new executable (trainplayer53.exe) in Program Files\TrainPlayer.  However, some data files will be added and updated in your TrainPlayer application data folder. 

Do I need to uninstall the version I have now before installing 5.3?

Yes, it is recommended that you uninstall any previous version before installing 5.3.

Does this cost money?

If you have an existing license, then there is no cost for 5.3, unless you want to add the Chris Pedersen Cars.  Depending on your license, there may be additional features you can purchase.  Look under Purchase Upgrade on the Help menu to see options and prices.

Can I get the program on DVD instead of downloading?

Yes.  The way to do this is to choose DVD in the Shipping box on the checkout page when you place your order.  If you already ordered and would like to amend the order to include a DVD, send us e-mail.


Sep 2014: 6.0 Release!

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